Monday, February 3, 2014


apakah kamu termasuk mata duwitan ? (Lihat uang langsung gembira). Seperti penyakit Paman Gober di Donald Bebeknya Walt disney dan Mr Krab di Spongebob nya nikleodeon. Ya nggak usah dipungkiri uang yang notabene alat tukar menjadi sangat istimewa.

Uang itu apa ? untuk keterangannga bisa diklik di Uang (Wikipedia). nah sekarang cari uang lagi.... kita bukan mata duwiten tapi butuh duwit. so berusah sebaik mungkin mendapatkan untuk kepentingan diri dan keluarga... amin.

Monetize bisnis online anda untuk mendapatkan penghasilan online. Uang dari Online banyak juga lho yang berasal dari luar negeri.... banyak teman-teman yang penghasilan nnya ribuan dollar satu bulannya... kepingin ? google search aja.... ok

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Kadang lucu juga ketika melihat kejadian UNTUK MERAIHNYA APAPUN DILAKUKAN..... uang.... dia bukan segalanya... tapi hampir segalanya butuh uang..... ingin cepat ? langsung saja daftar ke lomba-lomba yang terkenal... seperti acara televisi.... xfactor, chef,  dan yang terbaru adalah afi 2013.

Ya dengan mendaftar dan lolos ke putaran final... setidaknya ada harapan untuk mendapatkan uang lebih mudah... disamping ketenaran... cara efisien dan cepat. Walau Afi 2013 (akademi fantasi indosiar 2013) sudah beberapa tahun vakum tapi nggak menutup kemungkinan bisa lebih oke lho... so silahkan saja melakukan apa yan kamu bisa....

Monday, April 8, 2013


Uang bukanlah segalanya tapi hampir segalanya membutuhkan uang.... itulah... kalau orang jawa bilang Mata Duwitan..... Mata Duwit.... matanya berubah hijau kalau melihat uang.  marilah kita semua jangan menjadi mata duwitan.... lihatlah semua karena kita membutuhkan yang lain.

Uang bin duwit merupakan buatan pemerintah sebagai alat tukar yang lebih simple... tapi akhirnya kalau kita semua dapat uang banyak biasanya ingin dibedakan... manusia-manusia... ribet.. BTW jangan fokus akan uang tapi fokuslah uang itu mengejar kita.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Cari uang selalu itu yang menjadi pikiran ... ya kalau hidup di dunia ini pasti akan bungan dengan uang. Apa-apa uang... mau apa juga nantinya jatuh di uang juga.... jadi yang penting akhirnya uang deh... Cara mendaptkan uang juga buaanyaaak... cari baik.. jelek... setengah-setengah... dan berbagai macam cara... Uang menjadi kebutuhan wajib. so kalau ditelaah lebih dalam lagi sebenarnya uang adalah ide (sebagian besar para motivator bilangnya seperti itu). Jadi Ide akan menjadi uang banyak kalau pas.... heheh

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Memangnya semua kehidupan membutuhkan uang ? tidak juga lah. tapi memang dengan uang mungkin bisa lebih membantu. Berbagai carapun dilakukan, mulai dari jadi pedagang, karyawan, buruh, guru, PNS, Pengusaha ..... dan yang terakhir bisnis online yang belakangan mulai marak.

Banyak juga penipuan-penipuan... ingat di bisnis internetpun nggak ada jalan pintas langsung mendapatkan uang buaanyaak tanpa bekerja apapun... semua tetap bekerja keras tanpa kenal putus asa.

So if you havve some money.... gunakan sebaik-baiknya... rencanakan kebutuhan masa kini, jangka pendek dan jangka yang akan datang.....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mass Money Makers

In this review of Mass Money Makers I am going to give a brief overview of what this system entails and help the reader to understand whether or not this is an opportunity that would be a viable source of income for them. If you have been looking on the internet for any amount of time, you know that building your list of prospects is essential and this is exactly what this system is centered on.

By using strategies in internet marketing Matt Bacak and Alen Sultanic teach you how to get a #1 ranking on Google in order to get more leads. Once you have leads or prospects as a result of a high search engine ranking you will be able to market to these prospects as often as you wish with whatever product or service you wish. After you have your list they teach you not only how to market but also how to set it on autopilot.

Mass Money Makers has training videos that last up to 3 hours each. The idea is that you are able to learn enough to get started in running a profitable online business. Don't expect to have a ton of support as this is simply a system and educational course, no a personal mentoring or coaching hand holding program.

There are countless opportunities online and many of them are hard to verify as legitimate. MMM appears to be legitimate and its intended strategy sounds reasonably attainable with the proper amount of work. Don't get sucked in by the term "autopilot" as although you can automate much of your business on the internet, this term sets unrealistic expectations for many newcomers.

Matt is a top trainer and internet marketing coach who works with many industry leaders from around the world. To learn more about Matt or how you can earn five figures monthly from home in your spare time without having to sell, take a look at Total Time Freedom

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Make Money From Your Computer At Home - Powerful Ideas To Start A Small Business

Obviously you have internet access or you would not be reading this! So I know you want to make money using your computer at home, or perhaps just working from an internet cafe anywhere in the world. It's the great new breakthrough in home based business: if you can access a computer then you have a world of income opportunities at your fingertips.

So let's consider some of the many ways you can start to make money from your computer at home.

First of all, a computer is a typewriter or word processor. Get some business leaflets printed and circulate these around local offices and shops - charge a set rate and offer to do typing, letterheads, and general word processing for local businesses. It is a much better solution for a business to hire you pro rata than to hire a secretary!

Take this idea further and offer to produce a short report highlighting the top benefits the business offers its clients, along with any news items of recent improvements or exciting new contracts gained, or new staff appointments, or new premises. Create your report of about 10-20 pages as a pdf file. You can store this in your computer's documents and also attach it as an email to send to the business. You can send it to local and national newspapers and business magazines as a potential press release. This free media exposure can develop a lot of extra business in the long term for any business, and it will raise their profile above their competitors. You decide what this could be worth to your target companies and work out a fee.

Other organizations that may appreciate your typing service or press releases include schools, gyms and leisure centres, community schemes, charities, hospices, self employed small business owners, service businesses, hotels, clubs, societies, colleges, libraries, newspapers, realtors and estate agents, banks: anyone who uses any documents will seek your service. You will find it well worth the modest outlay of placing a small classified advertisement in your local newspaper and other media. Soon one client will recommend you to another.

What sort of opportunities are there using the internet to make money? Well, think of one area of endeavour in your life where you have learnt a skill by experience. Other people all over the world will pay to learn from your experience. So write an interesting entertaining report on your chosen skill or put together a "Ten Top Tips" report and create it as a pdf.

You can sell it yourself and even run an affiliate program where other people the world over sell it on your behalf for a commission: to best do this search for an associate affiliate vendor service which allows you to upload your offer and display it in their marketplace. You can approach blog owners who write on your subject and ask if they will promote your pdf report to their readers. You can start your own blog with an email capture form and use an autoresponder service to regularly email your subscribers tips and links to your blog posts and highlight your pdf report to them.

You can also earn commissions suggesting other people's reports and ebooks to your subscribers. Network constantly with the owners of similar blogs and products to yours so you have a stream of joint venture opportunities you can leverage throughout the year. You may decide to offer a coaching or tutorial program to teach people over several months and charge a membership subscription. This will provide you a regular online income. You could send your subscribers pdf reports each month or week along with video or audio presentations to provide an interactive experience. Interview other people selling in the same field too.

If you need to make money quickly from your computer at home, then the fastest way is to sign up to freelance writer websites where people who need content for their websites and reports offer work. You will have to work hard to make money in this but you can get started in a few days and be earning a steady stream of cash using your computer to type articles, blog posts, and ghost write reports and membership content. Usually the job is posted on the freelance website and you bid on the job, stating how long you will take and how much you will charge.

The person buying your work will want proof of your past writing so set up a blog and create some good content there with 300-600 word posts on a subject you enjoy. This will show your capabilities to potential buyers of your writing. If you enjoy writing and typing this will prove to be a long term lucrative opportunity for you, and often your buyers will return to you time and again, and recommend you. Some writers gather so much work in this way that they hire other writers to work for them!

So the fastest most reliable way to make money from your computer at home is to become a freelance writer, both for your local businesses and organizations, and to advertise yourself as a freelance writer on the many freelance websites. Then set up your own blog and write blog posts about a subject you enjoy to highlight your work. Then develop pdf reports on this subject which you can sell from your blog or trade with similar blog owners. Then set up a subscriber list using a contact form and an autoresponder to send regular emails automatically to your subscribers.

You can do a lot of swaps and trades with other list owners once you have this all in place. And you can put together a tutorial series about what you do and how you earn money and sell this as a monthly membership subscription. Start today and enjoy new streams of income working from home! A year from now you can create a book about what you have achieved and sell your book online too. You may even decide to pay someone else to ghostwrite this book for you! Good luck and have fun!

Discover the best ways to make money fast online! Start your own home business and earn lots of extra cash!

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